Un Año Tranquilo

by simon whetham



"Simon Whetham’s sonic travelogue – documenting a year spent circumventing the globe, including stays in Mexico, China, Japan and Argentina – shares less in common with Chris Watson’s artfully-arranged field narratives or, for that matter, Jana Winderen’s quasi-scientific focus, than it does the gonzo journalism of the Sublime Frequencies label.

While Un Año Tranquilo is unquestionably a more sober work than anything appearing on that renegade imprint, its seemingly random locational overlapping, connective non-sequiturs and lack of accompanying text renders it fundamentally a mood piece for those suffering from a mild attention deficit. Listeners are encouraged to make quick-fire correlations between the audio and their own expeditionary memories, while Whetham reflects his own experiences through audial selection.

Segues splice between the bustling brouhaha of modernity and solemn signifiers of eternity; phones ring, monks chant, machines whirr, birds chirrup, people chatter, and then the ominous rumble of an advancing storm silences it all. Toward the album’s beginning a discomforting series of bestial squelches provoke intensive bouts of aural inquisition, but they remain of distinctly enigmatic provenance. In this age of easily won answers, a little mystery can go a long, long way. "

Spencer Grady
Record Collector Magazine
June 2013


released January 4, 2015

Recorded and composed by Simon Whetham




simon whetham UK

From working with field recordings to exploration of the acoustic qualities of a space and resonances of objects, Simon Whetham composes and performs immersive collages, both meditative and thought provoking...

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